Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hugs ~N~ Shrugs: An Emotional Co-Bear Travelogue Update ~> Florida 2 Illinois

Many of you are thinking about now... Whoa... What????? I thought the Co-Bear's were planning to be at the beautiful & luxurious "Myakka River Motorcoach Resort" in sunny Florida for a lot longer… Well, yes we were... but...

…One of the beautiful things about of having wheels on our home is that it allows for some really quick plan adjustments & re-locating if the need arises such as it's done just recently. Due to out of our control unforeseen circumstances (that we're not able to discuss via internet) we've recently returned to the Mid-Missouri / Western Illinois area with our base location in Nebo, Illinois.

With the exception of destination travel photography &/or a few quick trips now & then, it looks like we'll be hanging out around here for quite sometime. For how long you ask... all I know right now is 'for quite sometime'. When the good Lord leads us otherwise, that's when Big Bear's wheels will roll on again.

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We greatly enjoyed our time at the "Myakka River Motorcoach Resort" and will forever treasure the wonderful friends we made while there. What a blessing!!! An early morning rain shower produced this breathe taking double rainbow panorama created and shown above by capturing 21 images and stitching them together in photoshop :-) Big Bear (our RV) is shown far right directly under the second rainbow on site #50 facing the resorts center lake.

So, Without further a-do',
Shrugs to:
  • Emotional Roller Coaster Rides ~ I don't climb on this ride often and never willingly… but If you'll bear with me a moment… I can't deny it… As a Full-Time RVer I know I shouldn't get attached to places and yet… a huge piece of my heart is still in Florida. Crazy as it sounds but… I fell… in love… and I really truly miss that place… and the people there… and the warmth… and the sweet breeze of salty ocean air… and mostly I think I'm missing the lost dreams and plans I'd made for photography there this summer… *big sigh*. And yet on the other hand… I desperately want to be wherever God leads and know that even though my heart has yet to come into sync… that right now at this set time… that we need to be here. I sincerely love this place and the people here to but… wow… my feelings and emotions have been having an absolute down right come apart fit. Surely I'm not the only one that has those, am I? Well, enough is enough. It's past time to get over it, pull up my big girl panties and shrug off this emotional roller coaster ride. It's time to embrace what is… God help me… I'm trying.
  • Brrrrr Cold Winter Weather ~ Since coming north I've been holding onto hope that someday hopefully very soon it surely would warm up enough to remove our heavy winter coats. Talk about going into shock... My body and blood starting shivering somewhere in Georgia and by the time we hit Missouri… I'd went numb straight to the core.
Hugs to:
  • Treasured Memories Made & New Friends We Look Forward To Meeting Again ~ While we made LOTS of new friends in Florida this year, there's just something really crazy special about Frank, Donna & Smoky :-) Donna recently shared with me something like, "Sometimes Life Throws Us Curve Balls, Somedays Gutter Balls… Keep On Keeping On!" Wise gal she is! :-) Donna if you read this, know I'm often looking around of the mornings hoping to catch you joining us for coffee… bathrobe and all, LoL!
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And then there's Lew, Velma & Cody… What a joy they are :-)

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  • Power Tools, Paint And A Creative Mind ~ Last week I told Danny, "Well if I'm gonna be in Nebo awhile, I'm at least re-doing my old sign & putting it back up!" For whatever reason he balked in protest but I'd firmly decided. So… off to Missouri we went & retrieved the old sign from my mom's attic to bring back to Illinois. I guess part of me was needing paint stripper & power tools to help un-loose the old & put on the new. I surprised myself by not ruining it completly (un-leashing pent up frustrations)… and I must say it's turning out quite nicely. Much better than I originally thought it might + added bonus… look no coat!!! That's right yesterday though brief, I did shed my heavy winter coat (it's thrown over in the chair ;-)

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  • And The Biggest Hugs Of The Day Go To Our Dear Sweet Momma's ~ Momma T on the left & Momma C on the right (photo captured last summer) We Love You Both More Than Words Could Ever Express, Truly! :-)

Momma T and Momma C

Until Next Time,
Wishing You Love, Hugs & Laughter In Abundance,
Cindy Colbert ~ Co-Bear Photography
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