Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beeeeeep. please hold while I...

Don't you just hate, hate, hate it when a computer (or live person) answers the phone stating, "Please hold while I (whatever it is they randomly state)". You know immediately that hold could mean 2 seconds or 2+ hours ~ uggghhhh! In my case the last message was: "Hello, ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ thank you for your patience while we put your life on hold" and then the dreaded sound of your most despised elevator music… Uggghhhh! That message has been repeating over and over since July 31st at precisely 4 am when I ruptured a disc in my neck, and now I'm shouting in my end: "Hello... anyone, is someone there?… Please, I'm ready for the play button now!"

The positive side of this, I've discovered you can find lots of interesting and amazing stuff to do while on hold. As far as the phone goes, for real I just turn the speaker phone on and continue with whatever, (so long as the reception reaches). Now that life's been placed on hold, besides just twiddling my thumbs, making funky shadows on the wall and practicing Lamaze breathing (learned 22 years ago with my first child and since, discovered it's worth is of much greater value than simply childbirth… think stress, impatience, pain management), I've been reading a lot, joined the facebook and twitter universe, and I'm spending allot of time re-evaluating the photography business and the direction I'd like it to proceed, once I'm healed and the doctor gives the go ahead. With all that said, I guess hold hasn't been terribly bad as my mind likes to often perceive... I do miss my friends at WERDCC greatly and even more, I desperately miss holding my beloved camera in hand for an all day workout… yet in all this I'm thankful when I can get out for 1/2 hour here and there, to capture something beautiful and most importantly, spend time knowing and growing in my trust that my Jesus alone knows what's best and when... so I wait, on hold, and trust Him to help me as I continue down this winding road, stopping whenever the opportunity presents itself to enjoy the flowers as I go :-)

Yesterday the sun played peek-a-boo after hiding for over a week so I got out for a bit and captured this gorgeous clematis that's not even supposed to be blooming for another year.
Click the picture if you'd like to read the story.

Pink Clematis 'H.F. Young' - by photographer Cynthia Utterback, Inspiring Designs Photography

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