Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inspired By Hope - The Child In Me

So what am I hoping for? What are we hoping for? An awesome photo opportunity (captured of course), financial security, stress free living, hmmm... how about running water that's pollution free, phones, computers, software and programs that work properly...
Or how about my personal favorites: a hot cup of coffee, a good nights sleep, laughter, joy, peace, health, the ability means and opportunity to enjoy life... :-D Ah but these are only a few snippets of some of things I hope for. Sounds pretty simple eh? Maybe ~ But not always nearly so easy to attain. Sad stuff, stress, sickness and the grown up adult self in me to often attempt to get in the way. More easily stated and as the popular phrase goes: **it happens.

It's in these moments that I must remind myself daily or even sometimes moment by moment to 'Let the inner child live'. To trust like a child, to think like a child, to be thankful and enjoy living... like a child. It's in these moments you'll often find me with camera in hand and / or mud between my toes capturing the simpler things in life that bring me pleasure. Sometimes I'll have the music cranked up and dance like crazy just because I can (okay so maybe I really can't but hey... Hopefully no ones watching :)

Please overlook the fact that I'm dirty, tired, wind blown and wearing my raggedy but 'oh so comfy' clothes in today's self portrait pics (yes… my first ever self portraits). I hope instead you'll see the child in me and be inspired to maybe, just maybe find your inner child as well.

My current fave song is: Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. Why? I dare you just listen... just see if you don't dance and start feeling all bubbly inside :-) If it works out correctly I've embedded the video below for you to watch... full confession: I'm still learning all this html, css, blogger, facebook and twitter stuff. If it works - Great! If it doesn't please try goggle until I have time to figure it out. Today I'm just to blessed to be stressed... I choose the child!

One of my favorite places to be is at home sitting somewhere near the stream just outside our front door! Glimpses of Heaven on earth :-)

Self portrait of Cynthia Utterback aka: IDPbyCU

Occasionally I even get to pet the goldfish ~ No, I didn't fall in this day :-)

Cynthia Utterback aka: IDPbyCU petting the goldfish by the stream in front of her house.

Mud between my toes ~ Total country girl at heart :-)

Self portrait of Cynthia Utterback aka: IDPbyCU with with mud between her toes

Ummm… yes that's a completely embarrassing goofy smile ~ Live and let live!

Cynthia Utterback's goofy self portrait smile... Gee.

Scriptures to ponder relevant to today's post: 1 Thessalonians 1:3; Matthew 18:3; Romans 14:17

Until Next Time ~ Never Give Up On Hope, Endure To The End!
May You Be Blessed & Inspired As Well As Be A Blessing And Inspiration To Others!

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