Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Creating a seamless blog with my website!

I'm so tired. I'd planned to create a blog for what seems like ages but never found the time to do so. I'd start, get frustrated because I didn't want just any ol' blog... I wanted a seamless blog to interact with my photography website. Well here I finally am!!!

I'm currently recovering from an injury from my full time job (Correctional Officer) so I've lots of time to waddle back and forth catching up as this dreadful pain level will allow. Right now I'm just tickled to have finally started my first ever blog AND it's just what I wanted (it will be after some tweaking right :-) Right now I'd best rest up and let this neck heal. Have a great day everyone!!! 


  1. Hey Cindy, congrats for blog.
    You're talking about leaving your full time job as if you are talking about me. I also didn't have chance to do anything else but go and comeback from work, I'm doing my best to be positive not to feel injured, although it wasn't a great experience.
    Now I've created my website www.ayhamkalla.com and planning to have a blog too and associate it to the website. I'm almost going to create one on WordPress and I wonder if how you decided to use blogspot, any advice?
    good luck

  2. Thank you Ayham.
    I was somewhat familiar with blogspot long before I'd even heard of Wordpress. But, truthfully when I glanced at Wordpress I was slightly overwhelmed with the mere thought of having to learn yet another application right now so (at least not now) because you only need to briefly glance through blogspot to see how straight forward, easy to work within and super easy to seam with my website. I love my blogspot and hope to start blogging much more as soon as I complete some other changes to my website. Hope that helps and answers your question. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions. By the way... I adore your website and photography - It's beautiful!