Monday, August 31, 2009

Smug School

Just finished WolfSnaps 1st Smug School Webinar. If want your own smugmug site or your a beginner smugmugger check out it out at

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Smiley Socks = Happy Feet and loads of laughter :-)

Check it out - Picked up these $2 socks in Vandalia while hanging out with Rhonda the other day. Not a bad price for loads of laughter and smiles! My family really rolled laughing when I began posing my toes for a photo. Okay so maybe 1 person rolled their eyes. Living life happily on purpose ~ here's smilin at ya!

Smiley Socks ~ Happy FeetHere's a pair of socks I got yesterday in none other than Vandalia's Dollar General. $2 wasn't a bad price to pay for a smile and several good belly laughs when I got home :-)  Of course I had to wear them today. Can't hold the camera up due to my ruptured disks right now, but put it on the tripod and snapped away with the remote - lol. Rodney laughed even harder when I asked him to help me set it up and again when I was posing my toes. His belly hurts! LOL! PAD DATE: August 29th, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Spent the day with my dear friend Rhonda!

Rhonda is such a dear. She took me to lunch, helped me complete some errands and then we just hung out relaxing the rest of the day talking about our visions, dreams, the future and of course the Joyce Meyer Conference we attended together last year in St. Louis, MO. This photo was taken with my cell phone during a break last year when we walked down to the Golden Gate Arch. Wow... now that was a great conference. 'Never Give Up!' We're both hoping and praying to go again this year. Yep... today was an absolutely wonderful day... I needed that :-)

Cell Phone Capture. Yes I use my cell camera phone 2 - lol!This very dear friend took me to lunch today, helped me with some errands and then we just hung out and had a wonderful time. {Thank You So Much Rhonda!}Captured during the Joyce Meyer Conference we attanded together last year in St. Louis, MO. See the Gateway Arch :-) SO... no it's not a new picture... but I was reminded of it today and all the fun we had together last year... sure hope we can do it again this year. I'm so very blessed to have such wonderful friends. PAD DATE: August 28th, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Creating a seamless blog with my website!

I'm so tired. I'd planned to create a blog for what seems like ages but never found the time to do so. I'd start, get frustrated because I didn't want just any ol' blog... I wanted a seamless blog to interact with my photography website. Well here I finally am!!!

I'm currently recovering from an injury from my full time job (Correctional Officer) so I've lots of time to waddle back and forth catching up as this dreadful pain level will allow. Right now I'm just tickled to have finally started my first ever blog AND it's just what I wanted (it will be after some tweaking right :-) Right now I'd best rest up and let this neck heal. Have a great day everyone!!!